Dog Training the Clicker Way – It’s Fun, Easy and Enjoyable!

Dog Training in Singapore is not compulsory, unless you own an AVA Scheduled dog. Yet we at Dog Training Singapore believe that all dogs, regardless of breed, size or age should be trained. After all, dogs trained the clicker way learn exceptionally fast and training is both fun and easy, for owner and dog alike.


What exactly is dog clicker training and why is it gaining so much popularity the world over? Our complimentary dog clicker training video below (extracted from Lesson 1 of Our 8 Part Dog Training Webinar) gives you a very good insight of how clicker training works and even teaches you how to get your dog to Sit, in a humane dog friendly way.

Free Dog Clicker Training Video (Must Watch)

Want to know more about dog clicker training? Then we highly recommend you watch this video. You will notice from the video that clickertraining is  so easy that even our 10 year old daughter can do it .

Largest Choice Of Dog Training Classes in Singapore – No Kidding

Whether you are looking for  private lessons at your home, group obedience classes or online dog training lessons (via Webinars),  we have it all. We provide these various learning options because we understand that everyone has different learning needs and a one size fits all approach to dog training is not to the best interest of the dog owning public. Below are some of the courses we offer...

Our Quality Assurance

To give you peace of mind that you are in the hands of competent dog trainers, at, we will only allow the best dog trainers to train and guide you and your dog. This is why we require that our dog trainers must:
  1. Be positive rewards based dog trainers. (Compulsion based dog training is in our view unnecessary harsh and at times cruel.)
  2. Have won at least the Singapore Kennel Club Reserve Obedience Dog of the Year Title or have students who have won this title. (This differentiates us from many other websites where trainers have not won any major obedience titles.)
  3. Have glowing testimonials from their existing students. (We believe strongly in providing unparalleled customer satisfaction.)

    1. Our Dog Training Demo Video

      Training when done using the clicker, is extremely fun; both you and your dog will enjoy it tremendously. Above all, it is exceptionally effective and dogs trained this way are very  reliable, enthusiastic and responsive , as seen in our demo video below.